Where are our products made?

Our products are made to order in our Seattle workshop.  Please call 206-395-4701 or e-mail us at info@findesignshop.com if you would like to schedule a visit.

Where can I see Fin products?

Our products can be seen in our showroom in the SODO district of Seattle. Or....

Find a North American dealer near you.

How do I install my?

If you have referred to the instructions but are still having trouble please drop us a line at info@findesignshop.com.  We will be happy to offer assistance.

How are your products packed?

Small product and furniture pieces are padded and securely boxed.  Larger pieces are padded and crated in engineered wood crates.  

What is the weight limit of my Ledge Desk, Edge Sidetable, etc.?

Specific weight limitations are difficult to determine due to variables in mounting surfaces and locations.  We've done our best to establish rules of thumb.  Please refer to our guidelines here or contact us at info@findesignshop.com with any questions.

What is your return policy?

We don't accept returns. If the product has been damaged or there is an issue with workmanship we will make arrangements for a repair or replacement.  If you receive your order and you are not satisfied please contact us immediately.